Paul The Pagan Heretic's Book of Shadows (BoS)
Gary Johnson

I doubt anyone will actually read this but hey i have to say something and put it out there and do my duty on the off chance i reach at least one person:

Look up Gary Johnson. Hes the Libertarian candidate. On Ballot in 47 states plus D.C. AND fighting in the courts to be included in other three. also has a law suit to be included in debates the reps and dems wont let a third party in. They say he has to poll at 15% nationally hes actually doing about 6-10% right now in polls when they choose to include his name in it. Now do you really hear his name six to ten times for every fifty to sixty times you hear obama or romneys name? no its collussion between republicans and democrats and mainstream media to keep real change out. They fear gary johnson/ron paul because they actually threathen them staying in power.

Hes a ron paul when it comes to fiscal policy. End the fed end the irs abolish corp. Taxes abolish income tax replace with fair tax balance budget cut spending cut unneeded federal programs and departments and overhaul needed ones.

But unlike ron pauls ideas to leave social things up to states to decide, gary johnson is more liberal — marriage equality now, decriminalize drugs/legalize marijuna, pro choice, end the wars bring troops home stop nation building cut military spending abroad to help balance the budget no foreign aide instead invest in national defense etc.

I was a ron paul supporter but now that the republicans rail roaded him out of thier partys nomination…GARY JOHNSON is the way to go because he’s legally on the ballot and legitimate has a shot of winning. Ron Paul stopped campaigning and didnt follow up and hasnt met any legal status to be a independent/write in candidate and is still a member of republican party. So writing ron paul in would just be a protest vote and would truly not count. Instead of making your vote not count, —— Vote for someone actually on the ballot legally and has met all requirements to legit have a shot of winning. LIBERTARIAN CANDIDATE Former republican new mexico gov. GARY JOHNSON.


NFL Replacement Refs more a plague on society than *insert bad global problem here*

I wish people would expend as much energy they have over the silly NFL and thier replacement refs and channel that anger and outrage into caring about more important things such as:

our political future, the environment, ending dibilitating diseases such as cancer and aids and diabetis, world hunger and famine, world peace and no more wars, repealing constitutional killing things such as NDAA and the Patriot act, ending the federal reserve and IRS UnProportioned direct income tax that is bankrupting the middle class and keeping megabankers in possession of the constant devauling american dollar….etc. And etc. Im sure i could think of more worthwile causes to get worked up about than a silly sports organization and who they choose to hire to enforce the rules and play of thier silly game.

But that would imply that people actually cared about that kinda stuff…actually cared about humanity and what goes on in the world and all that ‘boring’ stuff….I swear this planet is seriously becoming more and more like the movie ‘idocracy’ everyday…

QE3 even has ron paul being alarmist. And rp usually warns in a calm rational manner.


Awkward Merit Badges

This is everything ive been trying to convey over the last few months in one handy dandy article….its scary stuff.hopefully this tyrrany isn’t too far down the rabbit hole that it can’t be stopped.